The project

Objectives and target population

The ICARE project aims to ensure the taking in charge by the territorial health services of holders and/or applicants for international protection (HAIP) and Special Cases of decree 113/2018 through multidisciplinary teams, which guarantee paths that are both dedicated and culturally oriented, making use of Linguistic and Cultural Mediators and Anthropologists.

The aim of the project is to improve access to care in territorial health services, ensuring appropriate, effective and adequate responses to the health needs of individual HAIP and Special Cases in a situation of social and health vulnerability.

ICARE's privileged target is represented by women, minors and unaccompanied foreign minors, and families in vulnerable health conditions. However, the project is also aimed at adult men who are part of the target population in a situation of psychophysical vulnerability and whose needs fall within the care paths guaranteed by the Counseling center.

The project supports the realization of integrated and multidisciplinary, dedicated and culturally oriented care paths within the Counselling, in order to: