The project

Thier work and who  dey benefit am

the ICARE project plan na to take charge of health of the people wey as for asylum, and the peolple wey get (CASI SPECIALE) wey dey under  decree 113/2018 by group of workers (TEAMS) wey go assure moves and cuturale orientatione using peolple wey dey speak the same language and ones wey learn other  perol culture.

the plan of the project na to make sure say everbodi get correct answers about any health problem for any asylum seekers and people with  special cases document (CASI SPECIALE), the weaker ones  with social/health problem.

people wey dey benifit from  ICARE na women , pikin and small children wey no get papa and mama, families wey get health problem, even the project dey also help any bodi wey get health problem  wey enter for help  d midwife center  dey give.

The project  dey give help to people wey be sey dem need am and dem  dey provide information on sociale service in order to :