for people wey search thinhgs inside internet (ICARE) as the law of article 13 (EU)2016/679 from EU rule

Why this information

With regard to the rules and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (protection genarally of people's name - GDPR, as in "Regulation"), this page dem explain how dem dey protect any bodi wey use web app ICARE for Tuscany state, e dey easy to enter and check electronically with this site:

This information no concern other sites, pages or services wey dey for internet, wey person fit find tru hypertext links wey dem fit publicise on the sites but dem still dey talk the same thing wey dey outside the state wey people dey live.

If person wan sapi other things, the person fit search wetin e wan know.

Person wey dey in charge, to make sure dem respect peolple privacy/secret

As you dey control the site wey dey up , you fit or go sabi normal people wey you go find.

Person dey in-charge to control people privacy, na state of tuscany- the council, wey their main office dey for Piazza Duomo 10 50122 Florence,

PEC:, general line +39 055.4382111.

The oga wey dey incharge of proptection of peoploeìs secret

DPO wey dey in charge of it you fir reach am with this e-mail adress :

The legal basic way for processing

People's name wey dey for this page na the state dey in-charge and for the fact say na dem dey cover public interest and power.

Names to control and the reason to control am

Names person dey use for internet

The system for internet and the way to use am , if e dey function normal some names fit show and go show the normal way to use am.

In this case names like IP addresses, names of computers and the way who dey use am, the URI / URL (Uniform Resource Identifier / Locator)addresses of the things person ask for, the time way you ask am, the way you take ask am for inside internet, how heavy the file wey the answer go follow come, the code number wey show how the answer wey the computer give( e dey good, error etc) and other things wey fit follow am.

All these names dey ok if person dey use internet and the reason na:

Names wey person use for internet dem dey keep am highest 6 months , after that dem go keep for a particulare place ( except people wey dey in.charge of crime like judge need am).

Names wey users dey give

To send am na choice, to send message to the state mail na if person want , even to fill the form for where the state site dey, that one na him go make dem for know who dey send, to reply am too, like all the names wey dey when you dey fill am.

Dem fit public some information for the state site just for their services.

Other things wey dem use get info

Go to the information wey dey insde cookies.

Who dey recieve the names

The names wey dem collect na state workers dey control am ,dem dey work on wetin person put , the reason and the way dem fit use am.

The right people get

The people wey dey involve get right to get free entre from the state any where their names dey, if dem need am or to correct am or even to cancel am, dem fit decide how long their names go dey there, dem fit agree or refuse for dem to use their names(ART 15 and to follow the rules and regulations). To do dat one you go ask for permition through the DPO (email:

Right to complain

If any body feel say thier names wey dey put inside this site say people dey expose am e fit report and claim damage as dem write am inside ART,77 for the rule, or e fit act according to the law ((Article 79 of the Regulation).


Information on cookies

This site no dey find person personal detail, cookies no dey share any information of any kind, e no dey insist to use people names , or to find who dey the internet, dem dey use am when e be say:( make person no store thing pleanty times and make the thing no come commot if the person off hin computer) na only the peolpe wey get right to indentify person dey use am(na any how numbers wey computer dey bring out) e dey importante, e dey safe and easy to find out more inside the internet. the people wey dey do this work dey make sure say other peolpe wey dey computer no go find out about secret of the people wey dey use internet or to get their names. na only for people wey know things step by step inside internet fit enter inside.

This system dey also use advert to find out who enter their internet site. dem dey always use one kind wey monitor am,( wey dem dey call monitoring cookies), for dem to collect information from all visitors wey enter into their internet site .inside the monitoring system number/alphabet code wey dey show the computer wey person dey use even if dem no collect any body name. every page inside the system get particular code, wey dey collect step by step information about who dey online, without collecting the person name. even if person commot the monitoring code, e no go stop the work of the monitoring system.

Mostly the tuscany state dey use the work of google company Inc ( which is google ) to find out step by step how people dey enter their site, Google dey use monitoring system wey no dey keep people private info. The information wey the system find on people wey enter the internet (including IP will show from the person computer to google, wey dey for 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States and keep am inside teh save of the company .

Google go use this information as na dem dey incharge to control and protect privacy, the reason be say dem go dey monitor how people dey use internet and the things people dey do inside internet and things dem dey share for others. things wey connect internet like ( phone, computer and the internet wey the person dey use, etc) and the way dem dey take search and reach other site. Google fit send their informatione to anoda people if police ask for am , or if the other people dey do something for Google. Google no go join together IP address with anoda one dem get as dem been agree with the person the first time.

To find and read the Google company agreement wey concern Google's workers , e go better make you go to their website To sapi more things about Google's privacy law , go for this website

If you dey use tuscany internet site, which means you agree for Google to use your name for the reason wey dey up.

Person no need permission to download the monitoring system , but na by force say you go give information as of ART 13 from the code of law .

When you dey internet in the tuscany site , you fit see monitoring system wey anoda person send to you : from anoda site or page wey no be where you dey search like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Youtube, Flickr, Instagram.

The state dey use Google workers to make sure of the information and the things dem dey offer people dey ok , The Google worker go dey follow and monitor how people dey act when dem dey online, and where dem dey , dey chat and how many times.

The Tuscany state no go fit collect or see names wey people wey dey manage social network collect by them self inside their own site. To sabi as this things dey work , dem dey advice people wey dey use Social media to read well well the information about privacy wey dem self bring.




Google+ e YouTube



How disactivate the monitoring system

If person wan disactivate one or even many of this monitoring system, you go first go back to the setting of the browser wey dey to enter internet.

Person fit refuse to accept to use the monitoring system the only thing to do na to select the correct botton from computer. All the function for Tuscany site go still dey even if person no declare who e be, under here you go see the link wey explain how person go fit cancel the monitor system from the site wey dey popular or other wey person fit dey use am, for other help press the key FI).

Apple Safari:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

Using the additional opt-out component provided by Google for the main browsers. Or in anoda way person fit just cancel goolge analizer monitor, person fit also use the OPT-OUT wey Google give the main /official searching.