Na comunity dey help people wey ask for asylum
and people wey dey get emergency

Find out which service and assistance corse u fit access for you area
and how you go fit get information wey go help you for your health

Find your own hospital d one wey you belong

Choose the state (provincia) and L.G.A (comune) wey you dey live

The project

The I.C.A.R.E. project (integration and comunity care for asylum seekers) na na Emilia -Romagna state dey organise and cordinate am, with other peolpe the USL wey dey for Modena and other state like LAZIO, TUSCNAY and SICILY the project covers 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.


Urgent Help

The help wey dem fit give na:

  • personale help one by one
  • genaral/group help with other people together
  • dem fit give help outside thier office like coming to association/camp e.t.c

The reason for the help na to avoid or stop make disease no dey waka, dem go treat and advice teach thinhs wey person go fit do, then the people wey need help dem go begin to take charge of thier matter, alone or with other people.

If person use him mouth ask for the help, e go get all the help wey dey for center.



For the center you go see Doctors,Midwives,Psycologist and sociale workers (one by one and group help) dem dey give help on health problem, check on cancer teach better way to live, how to adopt pikin local and foreign.

Wetin be the ways wey the center dey take give help?