Health care for foreigners not in compliance with the rules on entry and residence

The following is basic information on health care for those who have not yet applied for political asylum and do not have any other legal title for entry and residence.

What kind of registration to the Regional Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Regionale, SSR) are they entitled to?

As a rule, they cannot be enrolled in the SSR, but they can still have access to urgent outpatient and hospital treatment, which is in any case essential, even if continuous, for illness and injury.

What is needed to access health care?

They can access with the STP code ("Straniero Temporaneamente Presente", Temporarily Present Foreigner) that is issued by the Health Authorities, in duly identified territorial locations or at the Emergency Rooms, if enabled, during the first delivery of urgent services.

Is required:

How long is the STP code valid for?

The STP code has a duration of 6 months, renewable if the conditions for its issue are met, and is valid throughout the national territory. It can also be attributed as a preventive measure in order to facilitate access to care, in particular to prevention programs.