Tuscany regional government promotes and protects women's and young generations' reproductive health. To do so, it implements specific health and sex education programmes, it prevents voluntary terminations of pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases and it encourages informed contraception choices.

Contraception is the combination of means, methods and actions that avoid pregnancy after sexual intercourse. Therefore, contraception guarantees that the conception of a baby is the result of an informed maternity choice and prevents unwanted pregnancies.

For this reason, it is convenient to know all the different contraception methods in order to choose the one that fits your personal needs. There are many reasons why people prefer avoiding pregnancies and such reasons can involve different aspects of their lives. Using contraceptives together with STDs protections allows you to have an informed and happy sexual life.

The family counselling centre offers information and consultations about contraceptives in order to promote informed parenthood. Contraceptives are prescribed and supplied for free if the patient meets specific income or health requisites (after delivery, after VTP, people younger than 24 years of age). "Emergency contraception" is also guaranteed for free after a sexual intercourse at risk of pregnancy. If the family counselling centre is closed or if there are no doctors available, it is possible to ask for emergency contraceptives at the hospital emergency department.

The programme offers:

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