Specialist clinics, dicover sicknesses and points to collect samples

Information for using the services

You fit find services inside and outside the hospita even aroud the area where you live.

Specialist outpatient clinics: Here you go fit do first check-up and specialise check-ups (eg skin exam, gynecological control, etc.) by booking, with a reguest wey governemnt doctor go write doctor . You go pay the ticket, (wey be part moni of the service) unless you get sickness wey dem give you exemption o bicos you no get moni.

Diagnostic clinics: Here you fit do all kind of tests wey be those type tests wey dem dey use medical machine to perform the service (eg. all type of scan) by appointment booking, with the government doctors request . You pay the ticket, (wey be some part of the moni for the service) unless you get a particular sickness or you no get pleanty moni den you get exemption. You fit the doctor's request up to 8 services from the same place, even if you pay only one time or you do the scan for different days.

Sample points: na the clinics where dem dey take blood sample, give dem your piss and feces wey dem go send to laboratories. You fit go there without booking, but with a doctor's request. Pay the ticket as long as the request na government doctor write am ( dem go write for the request say you fit use am for 8 services) if not you go pay the complete moni.

The highest ticket wey the state say person go pay for the services na € 38

You fit book am in this ways:

If you no fit go to the appointment, you must call the CUP to cancel at least 2 days before, you go pay the ticket for the service.

for public hospitals, doctors fit also do private check-up and operation ( private doctors ) still with price wey dey normal but it still dey higher than the normal price. exemptions for a particular sickness or low income no dey work if you book this way. To book with the private doctor, you fit call the particular numbers wey health system put inside internet.

Exemptions for low-income and particular sickness

If you get the right, you fit ask make dem give you exemption papper wey go make you no pay for any ticket. Then dem fit accept am for:

Pleanty exemptions dey wey connect to a particular sickness or disable person. The exemptions fit be total or for a particular sickness for specialist services. The exemptions fit no dey expire or dem fit dey change how long e go last.

People wey dey suffer from deadly diseases dem get right to get exemption paper and to start the treatment of the disease, to monitor and to aviod make e dey serious.

For many information, go to the hospital internet websites