Way to born pikin

All the ways to follow before person born pikin every consultation na free of charge from the health office of the state, every woman wey get belle wey show say e dey live for tuscany , to make the woman and him pikin dey ok , dem go provide person wey sabi about pregnant women (midwife ), when belle go begin dey worry am and the time e go born the pikin , even after e born am , the midwife go still dey to advice on how to give the pikin breast and also as the pikin dey grow.

The offer wey dem dey give:

The place to go when person get belle na the counseling centers. group of all the workers wey de there (Doctor for women wey get belle, Midwife, psychologist, welfare officer) dem dey offer every women even with thier husband , particular help wey be say dem go dey get help and continue to get am for free , dem go talk and listen to you , from when the person get belle and when him born the pikin till the pikn come reach 1 year. inside the group the worker wey you go dey meet steady na the Midwife, but doctors for who get belle , psychologists, welfare officers, person wey dey speak wetin you dey hear also dey for the clinic.

For the clinic you go find health workers wey sabi their job well well, dem go help you on every thing wey you suppose do as you get the belle even after you don born pikin. You fit contact the midwife wey go listen to everything wey you need and also give you support, if e get wetin wey you no understand e go call other workers wey go answer all the things wey no dey you clear.

If person find out sey e get belle e go hospital collect book for women wey get belle, this time e go meet the midwife wey go give am all information on the way to follow through out , especially e go tell the women about all the exam and control wey the state dey provide for women wey get belle , den go plan and book all the visits during pregnancy, give all information on all the help woman dey get if he wan born, to come for groups of pregnant women, counseling and psychological help.

HAPPyMamma na application for women wey go soon born - you go see am for iOS and Android - wey go allow you enter immediately and get all information wey the health care workers dey give , indications on offices, addresses, services and their timetables.

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