Help for peolpe from anoder kontry wey de say dem  get belle

Down dem write the information of how imigrante go fit get help when dem get belle

Which type of help dem fit get

For this kontry dem dey protect and help women wey get belle  free of charge even when dem born the pikin no matter if dem get document or no

 For real the law say even person get belle fit  even ask for document for him health and e go apply for sanitary card the same way like Italian people.

Dem go give document for the husband of the women wey get belle if dem dey live together , so hin can also apply for sanitaruy card code

Wetin wey you need to apply for tessera sanitary

For person to apply for saniatry card code if e get belle dem need:

Immedieately  the person get the document for sake if the belle wey him get , the person go apply for sanitary card code

For how long the applicatione dey last for the person wey ask becose of belle ?
 you fit do the  application  after the personn get the certificate say e get belle and after 6 months wey e born the pikin

Dem go cancell the document if the person go commot the belle on hin own,  but dem go renew am for 6 months after e born the pikin  even if the pikin die when dem dey born am