Disease wey fit come through SEX

Disease wey person dey carry sexually na if person sleep with you e no use condom, have sex with you from yash and if you suck the penis , or him wash plate. any bodi fit carry the disease no matter your age if man and man or woman and woman have sex,. the disease fit happen when person dey born you fitgive your pikin wey dey inside belle as you dey born am , when e dey suck breast, from blood or dem put anoda human part inside your bodi.

The infection/ disease wey dey popular na:

If person carry the infection many times e fit cause serious problem later for example e no go fit born ,or e go hard am to carry belle or give belle , but if dem treat am fast and very well e go fit cure am. others ones like HIV if dem find out in time that one no get cure for ever, but you fit cure am too, e dey important to find out fast if the infection dey, at the hopital dem go do text to see if any sing dey at all , dem go do pleanty esam to be sure, workers wey no their work well well go dey too to give information for person or together as husband and wife.

This way dere offer na: